Plus Size Model

10.000 Followers on Instagram

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 10.000 times THANK YOU!

I am so honored and proud that I have reached the magical goal of 10k followers on Instagram that I need to share my happiness with you!

When I started my blog and modeling nearly two years ago, everything was a test. I never thought that I really would work as a male plus size model that much and that writing about clothes and outfits is at least as much fun as it is shopping them!

Ok, it´s work as well – a lot of work – as I need to plan the topics, order the items, find cooperations, make pictures, write the posts etc… but every minute of work is worth it as I get that much great feedback! Honestly I never would have thought that I get mails that I really helped guys dealing with their body issues, to become more courageous with their outfits and to see that fashion is fun!

At this point I really say thanks to my hubby Randolf. That all would not work without him! Not only as he takes all the pictures you see. He also is patient when our apartment looks like a warehouse from time to time and he supports me with everything!

Big thanks also go to my cooperation partners like brands and shops as without them I could never ever show you that variety of male plus size fashion!

And last but not least I want to thank you! Without you following my posts, liking and commenting on Instagram and Facebook my message would be unheard. So thanks for your trust and I hope to give you inspiration and courage for a long time!

Accept your Extra Inches – love yourself!

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