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Photoshoot in Cape Town

A models life is a jet set life and glamorous. Always. Really? Maybe for some of the known models, or the ones who do it as their main job. For me its a sideline and I mostly do catalog shooting in studios in Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Osnabrück… ok, I´ve already been to London for a shooting as well, but most times it´s not really glamorous and a lot of work and traveling – but a lot of fun with great people!

So as this still is kind of new to me (as I began modeling about one year ago), I was nearly freaking out, when the request for a shooting for bonprix in Cape Town came in. CAPE TOWN! How awesome is that! Me flying to Cape Town for a model job!

I was kind of nervous for some reasons. A: the long flight (I hate flying!). B: It was a new crew, and that always something that makes me nervous, because if the photographer and you don’t get a long, it can get difficult…

But there really was no reason for being nervous, as the team was great and so is the result. I really love those pictures!


Most times when I´m in a studio for a job, it´s only me – but this time two motives with another model have been on the list. So there was yet another reason for me to be nervous (as already mentioned, I´m not the pro yet, as I started doing that one year ago and don´t do it daily)… when you shoot together, it really really helps if you get along and act like the best buddies ever. Dave is a complete pro and really made it easy for me to work with him (or other way round) 🙂 . He cheered us both up, took the lead and gave directions like “both look left, both right, smile, lough, make high five” etc. That really made working together easy and fun.


In Germany, bonprix as a special category within it´s web shop for male plus size clothes and their slogan is “One price for all sizes” – those pictures are meant for teaser on those pages. The main purpose is to show the diversity in sizes, for me the best thing is, that it show how good plus size models and skinny models work together in one picture.



The pictures above have been made at an old vineyard near Cape Town. Another set was at on old tannery near Wellington – a great location, that is just about to be transformed to a business park and event location.


The last set has been in downtown Cape Town.


As you can imagine, wearing a leather jacket and sweatshirts is not really the way to dress at 35 degrees celsius  in the shadow… but hey, I´m not complaining!

By driving to the sets and being lucky enough to have some free time after work, I was able to see at least a bit of Cape Town and the sorrounding area – not to forget to mention the amazing food you can have there for really great prices. Really an amazing place! But also a bit strange, as life happens behind fences and walls. I heard that it really was more dangerous about ten years ago, but still people are careful and you litterally take a cap for every step after sunset. But as this is not a travel blog, I will not write about Cape Town itself 🙂 . I just wanted to show those pictures and let you take part of one of the greatest experiences I had since I started this career. I love those pictures and will keep the memory to my first really big shooting trip as a little treasure.

Usually you will find shopping links underneath each posting that is about outfits. But this time its just about the shooting – but I will use some of the articles you see for outfits for one or two of the next postings. You will find the articles here: bonprix plus size men

p.s.: Links to shops will lead you to the german websites of the shops where the outfits are from. Regular your browser should recognize where you’re from and redirect you to your local page – if there is one.

Accept your Extra-Inches – love yourself!



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