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Lace Layers

For men lace is a thing for tablecloths and drapes only? Exclusive allowed to be worn by woman? NOPE! It´s always been a huge thing in female fashion and there are cool pieces for us guys as well!

ASOS PLUS Shirt aus Spitze lace

ASOS PLUS Shirt aus Spitze lace

The white shirt is a double layered one, the white shirt has a front print and it´s all covered by a layer of black lace.

ASOS PLUS Shirt aus Spitze lace

The black shirt also has a lace layer on half of the shirt.

ASOS PLUS Shirt aus Spitze lace

Both shirts are no allay looks – more for going out, having a party or going to a stylish restaurant. Perfect piece when your outfit should be something special but not the wearing-a-suit-kind-of-special.

The best thing about them is the crazy mix: A huge hunk like me wearing delicate lace – cool and extraordinary!

Accept your Extra-Inches – love yourself!


  • T-Shirt with lace layer by ASOS PLUS (size XXXL) – via ASOS (shop now…)
  • T-Shirt lace by ASOS (size XXXL) – via ASOS (shop now…)
  • Chinos by ASOS PLUS (W38/L34) – via ASOS (shop now…)

Please see my size guide for comparing your measurements with the provided sizes I wore the clothes for this blogposting.


ASOS PLUS Shirt aus Spitze lace
ASOS PLUS Shirt aus Spitze lace

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