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A Perfect Summer Day
Part 1

What´s a perfect summer day for you? For me it´s sleeping long, having breakfast on the balcony or at a nice cafe followed by a visit to a public pool, a beach or a park. Wherever I´ll go, it needs to be outside in the sun!

ASOS PLUS Sommer Outfit summer tanktop

For enjoying the sun outside airy tank top is just more than enough! Reduce to the max! 🙂 There is just no need to wear more!

ASOS PLUS Sommer Outfit summer tanktop

If the top is cut like that, there might be some nipple alert – but hey… it´s summer and if you love airy shirts, that might happen… 🙂 For us guys it´s not a big thing as it is for the ladies.

ASOS PLUS Sommer Outfit summer tanktop

ASOS PLUS Sommer Outfit summer tanktop

For me summer mens colorful and light clothes, freedom und fun! If you enjoy a day outside a good thing to do is to take a t-shirt or a short with you in a bag. A hat or cap might be a good idea as well, cause when you spend the day at a public pool, your hairdo might be a mess… and it´s way faste to just put on a hat than to go home and style your hair. Thats the best way to make it to a beach club or a bar direct after the things you did during the day. How that might look can be found here: A perfect summer day part 2

Accept your Extra-Inches – love yourself!


  • Extreme Racer Back by ASOS PLUS (size XXXXL) – via ASOS (shop now…)
  • Chino shorts by ASOS PLUS (Gr. 38) – via ASOS (shop now…)
  • Sandals by ASOS  – via ASOS (shop now…)
  • Sunglasses by ASOS – via ASOS (shop now…)

Please see my size guide for comparing your measurements with the provided sizes I wore the clothes for this blogposting.


Here is a little sneak of my idea how the rest of the day or the night can look like…

ASOS PLUS Sommer Hemd summer shirt asia print

A Perfect Summers Day Part 2

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