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Perfect for spring: it-piece duster coat

When days get longer and the first rays of sun show up, we all tend to be careless when it comes to rate weather and temperature. We all want to get rid of the thick winter jackets and when the sun is shining you might think that a jumper will do it. Most times it´s too cold and only a jumper won’t do the job.

aside the classic leather or jeans jackets this season shackets and duster coats are a trending topic in mens fashion. Those loose fitted coats are the in women’s wear quite a while, I come over the first ones for men last autumn and winter. The duster coats spring edition in this post is made out of sweat fabric – light neigh if the sun is shining, warm enough when not. It just should better not be a rainy day.

ASOS Duster Coat XXXL Plus Size Fashion Denim Shirt Hemd

By the way the term duster coat comes from its origin, as it was worn mostly by horsemen the protect the clothes they wore underneath the oversized coats from dust. Kind of like modern-days coats doctors are wearing.

I chose a double denim look with a white longline t-shirt and  a fishermen beanie and a backpack in matching colours. Like this it is not only a perfect outfit ready to hit the town, but also comfy and trendy. Like I wear it on the picture withe a denim shirt and a t-shirt underneath, it is really worn as a jacket. Paired only with a shirt the duster coat becomes a perfect substitute for a jumper or a cardigan. and to be honest: as this piece is so comfortable, I already wore it at home as a replacement for a bathrobe. so you can either use the duster for a great layering look or as a lounge wear piece.

ASOS Duster Coat XXXL Plus Size Fashion Denim Shirt Hemd

It´s a really simple look, but the layering and the matching accessories make it somehow special. I think that it really needs some time when you put together an outfit with a duster coat, because if you just slip it on over a shirt and jeans, it can easily look like a smock you would wear for gardening… so better match the length of the coat with longing t-shirts or shirts and match the colours of accessories like hats or caps with the shirts colour. A nice idea would be for example a dark blue or dark green (or even camouflage) longline t-shirt with a fishermens hat in the same colours.

ASOS Duster Coat XXXL Plus Size Fashion Denim Shirt Hemd Louis Vuitton Backpack Rucksack

Some more variatins and ideas can be found here: ASOS duster coats

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