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Spring Time!
Bermudas paired with jumper & jacket

We already had the first sunny days and a taste of spring – many more sunny days are about to come. Soon. Hopfully! They´d better be there!

When the temperature is rising, my trousers are getting shorter at once! I love to wear shorts and bermudas – calves are there to be shown! Even if the mornings and evening might still be a little bit chilly, I don’t care because I don´ßt get cold at my legs they easy. To keep the balance, I´m wearing a Jumper and denim jacket on top. That creates a look of layers, which you can take of one after the other when it gets warmer during the day.

Happy Size Marina del rey Cargo Bermudas Spring Frühling Jeansjacke

No matter if with or without the denim jacket , I really love wearing shorts but a longsleeve top. I just like the look and it reminds me of movies with Californian surfers… I don´t really know why, but it´s not the worst association one can have with an outfit…

Happy Size Marina del rey Cargo Bermudas Spring Frühling Jeansjacke

Besides the surfer thing I have in mind, it really as a nice College look as well. A thing I really like is the nice mix of materials that work really well together and which are comfortable!

I you get cold at year legs fast, a long pair of jeans or chinos will do as well! But there goes the surfer idea…

Happy Size Marina del rey Cargo Bermudas Spring Frühling Jeansjacke

I think that bermudas paired with jumpers and light jackets are perfect for spring time – it always

The denim trousers and the jacket are made out of jog-denim, which makes the pieces extremely comfortable! Due to the material I have ordered them one size smaller as usual, works totally fine and looks good!  I specially prefer  the trousers when the are not that wide on the legs.

Enjoy the first days of spring – with an outfit like that you are prepared for the sunny days and chilly mornings!

Accept your Extra-Inches – love yourself!


  • Hoody* by Marina del Rey (Gr. 56/58) – via Happy Size (get it here…)
  • Bermudas* by Marina del Rey (Gr. 56) – via Happy Size (get it here…)
  • Denim Jacket* by Men Plus (Gr. 56) – via Happy Size (get it here…)
  • Destroyed Jeans* by Men Plus (Gr.27) – via Happy Size (get it here…)

Please see my size guide for comparing your measurements with the provided sizes I wore the clothes for this blogposting.


*tagged articles have been provided by the named brands or shops for this blog posting

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